Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Form New Habits || Habit Chart

21 days.

That's how long it takes to form a habit...well at least according to the Google search I just did.

Setting goals for yourself is an incredibly important practice, you should always be working towards making yourself into the best version of you. It doesn't have to be big things (yah girl over here is still trying to manage to remember to wear her retainer every night). Sometimes it's just the little things that over time add up to make a big difference. This chart is the perfect way to physically see just how often you're doing what you set out to do. Being able to add a check everyday and seeing the paper with all my goals adds just a little bit of incentive that for me just works. 

Here are some of the goals I've set for myself, just as an example for how to use this chart.

Goals, Goals, Goals

➸ meditate

I try to take a little bit of time to myself to center my thoughts every day. Even if it just means taking 5 minutes to sit and just be, with no phone or interruptions, just me, my thoughts, and I.

➸ drink water

I'm takin' meeting that 64oz marker. Staying hydrated is so important to your health!

➸ exercise

Okay so this one is definitely not an everyday thing, let's be realistic... but it's nice to be able to visualize how many times I actually hit the gym in a week.

➸ read 10 pages

Reading is something I genuinely enjoy to do, so this one is almost an automatic at this point. But sometimes you need that little reminder to reach for a book rather than an electronic.

➸ practice a language

Learning//practicing languages is something I really enjoy doing, it's one of my favorite subjects to study. I'll do a full length post on how I practice and study language at some point. It's honestly my dream to one day be a polyglot.

➸ journal

Writing just a little bit each day gets my brain thinking in a different way. I've never been much good at keeping up with journaling but, hey why not throw it on the list.

➸ wear retainers

okay, okay, I know this should be an automatic but IT'S HARD TO REMEMBER ALIGHT!

➸ smile

because it never hurts to have an extra reminder to turn that frown upside-down.

How The Chart Works

Every time I do one of the things on my list, I take a different color marker and scribble in the box of whatever it is I just did. It's simple, easy, and it works for me. To download a copy just click either {here} or the button below. The download includes my goal chart, as well as a blank chart for you to put in your own goals. This method may not work for everyone, but this is just what I do to hold myself accountable for the habits I'd like to reenforce. Maybe give this a try and see if it works for you too. It definitely can't hurt, sometimes the simple act of seeing the paper is reminder enough to take action.

dream big,
until next time.

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