Monday, November 2, 2015

October Favorites

hi everyone. admittedly this month was not a very exciting one for me. i laid pretty low, and didn't really adventure too much. i officially (barely) survived my first round of midterms as a college student, so yay to that! here's to hoping that November will hold a little more excitement.

That being said I still managed to find a few new loves the month of October.


1.) fashion

nude heels.
so sexy, so classic, such a must.
that is all.

2.) music

i went on a little bit of a trance music bender in the month of october. with all the studying i've been doing i like to just throw on music that doesn't require much thought in the background. Tipper is one of my favorite trance artists, this album in particular.

3.) food

check out (this recipe) for vegan black bean "meatballs". i've made this recipe a handful of times already, it's perfect to just throw in the microwave with a little bit of sauce. 

simple & easy, it's the college way.

4.) reading

this month i've definitely been putting some extra focus on my mind, body, and soul health. reading is one of those things you can always find a reason not to do (usually the things at the top of that list are also the items at the top of my  Netflix cue). i set a goal for myself to read 10 pages a day, i'm not quite to achieving that goal consistently yet. but it feels good to be reading again, with at least some level of consistency.

this is the book that i've been reading lately.

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wishin you an adventurous november,
until next time.

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