Wednesday, August 19, 2015

3 Things You Should Be Doing With Coconut Oil

{aka liquid gold}
Let me lay it to you clean and simple, coconut oil is the shit.

It truly is the be all end all of the beauty world.

Any problem you have, slap a little coconut oil on that sucker and you'll be good to go (...well not exactly, but you know what I mean).  There's about a million things you can do with coconut oil, but here are 3 things you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD be doing with it.

1.) Moisturizing

I used to have so SERIOUS Keratosis Pilaris (think eczema, but nastier and a hell of a lot more stubborn).  I tried everything, like seriously everything and NOTHING was working to combat these tricky little bumps on my arms, then I tried coconut oil, and...

BAM, my skin cleared right up!

I put it on really focusing on the trouble spots on my arms every night when I get out of the shower. If you don't mind the feeling, it makes for a great all over body moisturizer but,
I don’t like the feeling of being covered in oil so I only use coconut oil for some serious moisture.  It really nourishes deep down and keeps your skin super moisturized and lush.

2.)Makeup Removing

I'm a fan of waterproof mascara,

I like knowing that if I have a meltdown, at least my lashes will still be intact.

But, I am NOT a fan of waking up with raccoon eyes because your makeup remover didn't do a job well done (c'mon dude you have ONE RESPONSIBILITY). Coconut oil gets even the TOUGHEST makeup off, without too much effort.  A little bit goes a long way, so just put the tiniest bit on a cotton ball and you're good to go.  I like to do this before I wash my face, just so i can rinse off the extra oil from my lids and really lift that last little bit of makeup.

3.) Oil Pulling

If my Mom's reading this (hey Mama) she's definitely rolling her eyes at me, she thinks this whole thing is ridiculous but...

Whatever Mom, this isn't just a phase!

I like to take a tablespoon of melted coconut oil and get to swishing for 20 minutes.

It goes by quicker than you'd think I promise.

After you swish just spit out all that gunk in your mouth, JUST MAKE SURE IT'S INTO THE GARBAGE, NOT DOWN THE DRAIN (nobody wants to deal with clogged pipes).

There are endless benefits and I'll do a full post soon but for now just take my word for it, after all who doesn't love...
 ♡ whiter teeth
♡ healthier gums
maybe even some disease prevention

{read full oil pulling post here}

Coconut oil, we salute you and all that you do.

until next time.
x, kirst

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