Monday, August 17, 2015

The New Simple and Spice

The New Simple And Spice

Figuring out the kind of content I wanted to put out on Simple and Spice always presented somewhat of an issue for me. Nothing about my life fits into neat, organized, clearly sectioned off categories.

I'm all over the place. And for the longest time I thought I could only share a part of me, and that the part of me I shared had to be enhanced with rose colored glasses.

The problem with that is...I don't have a filter.
And as soon as I tried to censer what I was allowed to say, I went mute.

Simple and Spice is going to be a look into my life completely unfiltered.  I have opinions on EVERYTHING and I'm not afraid to give you my two cents (even if it results in some pretty embarrassing "insert foot in mouth" moments occasionally).

But here's the thing, if you never join in on the conversation because you're worried you might not say exactly the right thing, your opinions may never be heard.  There's always going to be people who know more than you, or people that will criticize you for what you say.  But there will also always be those who want to hear what YOU have to say.

I want Simple and Spice to be a place that sparks conversation, on any topic, from coconut oil, to chakras...let's talk about it.

I'm young, ambitious, and maybe a little bit too wild for my own good.  So welcome to the new Simple and Spice, I hope you'll join me on my wonderful adventure.

until next time.
x, kirst

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