Saturday, December 12, 2015

Microbeads Banned in the United States

Microbeads are causing a MEGA problem in our environment
Recent studies estimate that plastic waste causes up to $13 billion in environmental damage. And a large percentage of that is thought to come from a pesky little thing called microbeads. Microbeads are everywhere, from our face washes, or body scrubs, and our toothpastes, they're typically added either for an exfoliating effect, or just for their added texture. But these seemingly harmless microbeads are causing BIG problems for our environment. They make their way down our drains and into our oceans where they act as a sponge, attracting all sorts of toxins, and wreaking havoc on the marine ecosystem. Instead of me trying to explain it, here's a video that breaks it down really nicely for you.

So basically, these lil things are a BIG no-no. But the good news is the House of Representatives just voted to pass a bill that would phase them out products. Now it's just on to the Senate for approval! These tiny little beads contribute to so much unnecessary plastic waste, so this is definitely a step in the right direction from the US concerning the environment. Until then there are steps that you can take on your own. Try to avoid buying products with microbeads, look for products containing natural exfoliants instead. If it's better for the environment, chances are it's probably better for your skin too...and that's definitely a win, win situation.

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