Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Playlist #6

That can only mean one thing...(ironically it's not even a Christmas playlist)
So this playlist is actually one I found on Soundcloud. I've had a Soundcloud account forever, but I never really used because I could never really get a hang of how it worked. After messing around a little bit, my opinions have definitely changed. It's a great place to find new and up and coming music, and a lot of the times there are free downloads (always a plus!). Feel free to add me on Soundcloud, and leave your username in the comments below. I always love knowing what the people around me are listening to. I'm sending some extra love to all my fellow college students this week, it's time for the naughtiest of all the "f-words", FINALS. I believe in us,  and I have faith that we can make it through this next week alive! When you feel your eyes starting to sag low, grab another shot of espresso and repeat:

I will study hard, dream big, and believe in  myself!

enjoy the week ahead,
until next time,

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