Monday, February 22, 2016

Stir Crazy

I miss the sun, I miss the trees, I miss being at ease.

I'm going stir crazy in the Concrete Jungle.

I miss being able to escape from it all within the trees, where in the silence I found my solitude, and my mind was allowed to wander and lift itself beyond the weight of reality.

I miss the sound of sweet nothingness.

I've learned to truly appreciate the beauty found in the absence of noise, moments like these so few and fleeting in my new Concrete World. Constantly, I find myself longing to hear the noises that existed before our being, the soft whisper of the wind in trees, the rustling of branches, the crinkle of leaves, natural sounds that will continue on, long after we cease to be.

Here, I am forced to find my solace in the incessant sound of harsh sirens vibrating off the masses of the cold buildings.

It is only now that I realize how profound a part the natural world plays into my inner peace. Here, even in the boundless possibilities and endless options, I feel trapped. There's no easy escape in a city that is constantly changing, refusing to ever miss a beat.

I feel like a tortoise in a world of hares.

Maybe once I orient myself I will understand the urgency in the pace at which everyone swirls around me.

But until then, I will continue to long for the silence of the trees, so self assured in their deep rooted place in this world, they feel no pressure to keep up with our fasted paced ways.

find your peace,
until next time,

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