Monday, December 14, 2015

Peace In A Time Of War.

1. I've been drawing a lot of inspiration from early 70s late 60s recently, in both my style and my music.

2. The HoR just passed a bill to ban microbeads. *small cheers from all the fish in the sea*

3. I'm so excited to be sleeping in my own bed in less than 5 days time, hanging out with my sisters, making Christmas cookies, watching Elf...ALL THIS CHRISTMAS THINGS!!!

4. I just ate approximately 15 mini candy canes...just your daily reminder that your body is a temple and deserves to be treated like one.

5. Okay, okay...not trying to be a teen cliche but I'm having a mini Fleetwood Mac moment. HATE ME FOR IT! I just want to put on flowy tops and dance around my room with unbrushed hair.

6. Currently craving sushi and a tub of spicy mayo *heart eye emoji*, just thought you guys might wanna know.

7. Every time my roommate and I go to Whole Foods we always grab a ton of the plastic utensils at the checkout, we're basically willing to do anything that makes our lives a lil bit easier...even if i do feel a little guilty when I read the sign that says "just take what you need".

8. White nail polish just looks so clean and classic, it's the only color this girl really needs. This is the one I use.

9. I just realized it's been a while since I've played with my polaroid camera...I should really start taking more pictures with that baby.

10. You know those headbands you buy in a pack at the drugstore? Yeah these ones. I've been wearing them nonstop for the past two weeks and I wish I could explain to you why, but I'm kinda digging the look.
get groovy cutie,
until next time,

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